CCG e.V.

The CCG e.V., Cameroonian Community of Germersheim (Cameroonian Club in Germersheim), is a non-profit association, which has the claim to bring together the Cameroonian and Germans living in Germersheim. In addition, we are striving to make the members' "involvement" in the life of our city Germersheim easier. Through various activities and activities, we want to enable the social life of our host country to build a bridge between our two cultures.

Offers for Germersheimer and others: These activities like the CCG Rhein-Mini-Marathon are open to all. At such events, we are increasingly cooperating with other bodies and actors of the Germersheim civil society.

Integration: We work closely with the city administration to design and implement projects to promote the participation of migrants (organizations) in the social life of our city. For example, Joyce Noufele, former vice president of CCG, was a member of the Advisory Board on Migration and Integration.

Social commitment: The guiding principle of the association is the promotion of integration through social commitment and adherence to the values "Mbake". We promote intercultural dialogue and organize events such as the CCG Rhein-Mini-Marathon. We also take part in the street festival and the fortress festival in Germersheim.In addition, we have offered free tutoring in mathematics and computer science for the students of the Goethe Gymnasium Germersheim.